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Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall

Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall Best Vastu Consultant In Delhi

Vastu Consultant


Abhishek Bansall : Best Vastu and Numerology Consultant

Our renowned vastu consultant Mr Abhishek Bansall is a man who needs no introduction—born on 25th June 1984 in Mathura, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India, into a business family. Guruji holds an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing, and from here, his journey to Panch Vastu started. During his college days, Guruji was keen to know why some businesses prosper in our society, and some are not. Why do some companies, despite having all the necessary resources, investment, and capital, not reach their desired goal and level of success?
During his research days, Guruji sought to answer the question – What is that thing that the people with successful businesses have? What is that thing which is taking their businesses to innumerable heights? To answer these questions, he researched extensively and came up with valuable insights and observations that changed our society’s course.
After his regressive research and hard work, Guruji understood that the top successful businesses in society had one thing which other companies lacked. And that thing was “Directions.” The leading business owners used to sit in a particular direction to work, their buildings had one specific facing, and they were cautious regarding the rules.
Since vastu is the scientific study of directions, at this point, Guruji thought that vastu has something to do with the success of businesses and prosperous life. After completing his MBA, Guruji devoted his life to studying vastu shastra. He did extensive vastu studies and research to ensure that he received proper training from a notable Gurukul System. During his training, he decoded how vastu shastra works and how it can bring peace, success, and prosperity to our lives.
It’s no less than a miracle that vastu provided Guruji with the answers he was searching for. He witnessed significant positive results when he applied those teachings to his life. And then, he thought to contribute this teaching to the welfare of the people. When vastu shastra can bring such an unprecedented change in the Guruji’s life, it can also transform other people’s lives.
From there, he sowed the seeds of opening a vastu consultancy, and it took the form of Panch Vastu. Guruji believes in the “Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Success For All” philosophy. He is among the few vastu consultants honoured with the Best Vastu Consultant Of India award at the International Excellence Awards India 2022 by Famous Bollywood actor and Philanthropist Sonu Sood.
Guruji globally made his presence known for propagating the “Panch Vastu – Hindu Living Philosophy.” Our vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall entails 15+ years of experience practising vastu shastra and imparting happiness, success, health, peace of mind and prosperity to millions of lives.



Bringing prosperity in your lives

We at Panch Vastu are committed to making this scientific methodology of Vastu Shastra available to each individual in the world to facilitate the uninterrupted evolution of humanity. This way, they can identify and manifest their core purpose of being on the planet and, thus, contribute to making their own life and this world more joyous and happy.

Group About Us

Panch Vastu : Solution To Real Life Problems

We aim to provide easy to use and scientific vastu solutions to daily life issues and challenges

Panch Vastu :Establishing a global reach

Panch Vastu :Establishing a global reach

Vastu has answers to all your problems, and we aim to establish global acceptance and ease your lives with the application of real vedic science.

Panch Vastu :Bringing prosperity to your life

Panch Vastu :Bringing prosperity to your life

Our Vastu and numerology expert Abhishek Bansall strive to provide you with the best possible results and enrich your life with prosperity.

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Panch Vastu Creating Vastu awareness

We dwell on bringing this ancient practice to modern real-life challenges and creating awareness among the people

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Significance of Vastu Shastra in Our Life

The most prominent Indian architectural paradigm, Vastu Shastra, is known for its significant benefits in balance, harmony, and prosperity. Vastu Shastra has established itself as one of the most potent holistic sciences. The words “Vastu” mean “architecture”, and “Shastra” tell “science.” The “science of architecture” is what is known as Vastu Shastra. This science is used as a construction guide to ensure harmony with nature’s five elements, also known as “Pancha Bhoota.” These elements are earth, fire, space, air, and water.

DSC 4560 a fcopy 1 About Us
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Panch Vastu: Establishing Vastu Shastra Importance

Our prime mission is to establish the importance and acceptance of Vastu Shastra in our daily lives.

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Panch Vastu: Solving Real Life Issues

We strive to provide scientific and authentic solutions to your daily issues and concerns.

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Panch Vastu: Easy And Practical Solution

With Vedic science, we apply the vastu shastra technique in providing accessible and practical solutions.

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Panch Vastu: Creating Life Changing Impact

Our vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall is creating a life-changing impact on people’s lives with the application of vastu shastra.



To Provide Easy and Practical Solutions

Our mission is to establish the importance and relevance of Vastu shastra, numerology, and other Vedic sciences. Our expert, with profound knowledge and experience in this field, provides solutions to real-life issues through consultancy. Our world is endowed with innumerable problems and issues we encounter daily. Therefore, easy and practical solutions by our Vastu experts have a life-changing impact on millions of individuals.

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