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Panch Vastu Techniques

PanchVastu Techniques​

In total, 16 PanchVastu Techniques are used to remove the Vastu faults in a building. These are very powerful and effective techniques, at the same time very easy to do. You can observe visible differences after the application of these techniques. With the discovery of these techniques, it has become possible to get desired Vastu solutions without demolitions.

1. Elemental Strip Technique

This technique involves using colour strips to correct the imbalance of the five elements in a building. For this purpose, colour strips (3″ – 4″ wide) are painted or pasted (as stickers) either on the floor or the skirting along the floor to balance or strengthen the negatively affected Zone.

2. Space Surgery Technique

Space Surgery Technique uses metals related to a Zone. This technique proves to be very handy when rectifying the harmful effects of toilets and entrances without demolishing them.

3. Space Programming with Symbols

The Space Programming Technique involves using specific Symbols to communicate our desires, aspirations and expectations to the Space in which we live.

4. Space Programming with Paintings

To help materialise your desires, Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall has developed a fantastic technique of using Paintings and Photographs in those Vastu Zones which depict your desires.

5. Space Programming with Sculptures

In this technique, we place specific 3-D Artifacts and Sculptures in different Vastu Zones, depending upon which aspect or part of our life we need or want to flourish.

6. Space Mantra Technique

This technique uses visual text commands to communicate with the Space (and also the sub-conscious minds of occupants of the Space) to draw their attention towards and motivate them for specific performance.

7. Activity Relocation Technique

Each of the 16 Vastu Zones has some particular activity which is best performed in that Zone and strengthens that Zone. Any action other than which is conducive for the Zone will weaken the concerned Zone’s strength when executed.

8. Enlightening Technique

We can activate the Zone effects by enlightening specific Vastu Zones with lights of appropriate colours. So they can be used to stimulate or activate an imbalanced Vastu Zone and make it give results.

9. Amplifier Technique

Pyramids are a powerful tool that, when applied judiciously, can augment the positive effects of a Vastu Zone by 108 times.

10. Space Extension Technique

This technique cleverly uses mirrors to provide balance to a Vastu Zone. For the problems arising on a cut or reduced area, we can apply mirrors on that wall that is cut and needs to be extended.

11. Tattva Shuddhi

The Tattva Shuddhi Technique aims to correct this elemental imbalance in the Vastu Zone. Corrections are carried out when an anti-element appears (in the form of incompatible colour, shape, or activity) in a Vastu Zone.

12. Space Purifying Technique

This technique uses sea salt, minerals, and semi-precious stones, which are needed when the Space is dull or non-vibrant, or its inhabitants feel low.

13. Facing The Right Direction

The direction we face while performing an activity significantly affects its outcome. So, Facing the Right Direction while doing a result-oriented action helps achieve the desired result faster.

14. Plants

Plants represent growth, and they have an activity of development in themselves. So, plants can be used to accelerate growth in our life.

15. Marma Technique (with Remedies)

Vastu Shastra mentions that there are specific sensitive points (called Marmasthan) in Space, which correspond to the sensitive body parts of the Vastu Purush. In PanchVastu, we use them creatively to rejuvenate Space energies.

16. Locating Power Point Technique

With the help of this technique, you can quickly identify such seating locations, ensuring your success during a negotiation. At least you never get to lose, sitting on such seats.

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