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East Facing House Vastu Plan – Top New 9 Significance And Benefit Details 

east facing house vastu benefits
east facing house vastu benefits

An east-facing house vastu can work wonders for you, but only if it’s vastu compliant. According to vastu shastra, an east-facing house is highly auspicious because this is the direction from which the sun rises. 

It is believed that the East-facing house will get you a significant amount of gold welcomed in your life. Though not everyone can get that opportunity, this is where vastu steps in. 

Most people tend to buy an East-facing house, but the case differs for everyone. The directional orientation of your home cannot determine its overall vastu. 

It depends on the placement of other rooms and things in your house. For this, it is crucial to seek advice from a vastu consultant. 

This blog provides a valuable guide for an east-facing house vastu tips and states various precautions to follow to make it vastu compliant.

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Table of Contents

What Is An East Facing House Vastu, And How To Determine It?

east facing house vastu entrance
east facing house vastu entrance

The direction of your main entrance determines the direction of your house. So, if you face the east-facing house entrance vastu direction while coming out of your main entrance, your home is in an East facing zone.

Science also validates east-facing house vastu benefits. As mentioned above, the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Therefore, the morning sunlight is crucial for your house as it fills it with positivity, natural light, and fresh air. 

This zone also contributes to spreading good vibes and contributes towards your success. To determine whether you have an east-facing house, read further.

You can quickly determine whether your house is East-facing by following the steps below.

1. To begin the process, stand outside your house’s main entrance. You have to stand so that your back is parallel to your home.

2. Now, take the compass in your hand. There are specific critical points that you have to remember: 

  • Remove all the magnetic objects around the compass.
  • Remove jewellery on your hands if you are wearing any.
  • Hold the compass at your waist level.
  • Take 3-4 readings inside and outside your house for accurate direction. The one you get the maximum number of times will be your precise direction. 

3. After holding the compass flat in your palms, let the compass needle float freely until the zero-degree mark and the north end of the needle is aligned. 

4. After confirming the magnetic north, note down the direction you are facing.

5. The direction you are facing is the accurate direction of your house. 

Through this process, you can find out if your house plan, as per vastu, is East-facing.

Who Is Suitable For An East Facing House Vastu?

east facing house vastu
east facing house vastu

Many factors determine an individual’s suitability to reside in an East-facing house. The essential elements that play a significant role in this are the profession and astrology of an individual.

The planet in the east direction is the sun. It relates to jobs associated with authority, power, and elegance. 

The East-facing house is more suitable for freelancers and self-employed people, as this direction represents the air element. Which further signifies a new beginning, creativity, focus, agility, and protection.

To elaborate, people who are suitable to have an East-facing house are-

  • Governmental officers
  • Ministers and politicians
  • Jewellery makers or designers
  • Esteemed business owners
  • Artists, musicians, or dancers
  • Travelling
  • Entrepreneur
  • Event management sector
  • Photography and creative writing
  • Academics sector

After reading this, there might be one thing you need clarification on. Most families in India live in joint families, and each member has a different profession. 

In such cases, the profession of the head of the family or the main earning person of the family residing in the property is considered.

For a more precise understanding, it is best to consult a vastu for east-facing house consultant who can provide helpful insights into East-facing house vastu. 

What To Do If You Have Main Entrance In East Facing House Vastu?

east facing house main entrance
east facing house vastu main entrance

In east-facing homes, the placement of the main entrance is the first thing to consider before purchasing a property. Its arrangement significantly impacts our lives, impacting us in both positive and negative ways. 

East is a promising direction to build your main gate, as most temples are made in this direction. 

The two most important Pada’s (gates) for this direction are the Jayanti and MahendraThese gates will cherish your East-facing home with positive vibes. 

It is highly advised to avoid all the other gates as the main entrance there can have severe repercussions on you and your family. 

The entrance of your house is the connecting line between your home’s indoor and outdoor energies.

Your home may become unlucky if the entryway is misaligned, even though it was ideal for you and your family. 

Therefore, a vastu guru suggests performing a thorough vastu analysis before deciding where to place the main entrance.

What To Do If You Have A Balcony Or Free Space In East Facing House Vastu? ​

east facing house vastu balcony
east facing house vastu balcony

On the east side, some are left open, according to vastu shastra. However, this is done to ensure that the sun’s rays can enter your home without any obstruction. 

This removes the negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. The sun’s energy helps you and your family harmony to have good power throughout your day.

Vastu recommends leaving some free space in the east zone. If you keep your east side blocked, you will face a lack of social connections, networking, government-related problems, loss of happiness and joy, anxiety and overthinking.

What To Do If You Have A Kitchen In The East Facing House Vastu ? ​

east facing house vastu kitchen
east facing house vastu kitchen

The kitchen symbolizes nurturing and nourishment. The kitchen vastu for the east-facing house also holds the element of fire, and its correct placement is necessary for your growth and fulfilment.

For kitchen placement, South East and south zones are the optimum choices. Furthermore, facing east while cooking in the South East direction would be beneficial. 

You can place the gas stove, ovens, and toasters on the southeast side for positive energy. Furthermore, place the refrigerator or storage areas on the southwest side. 

The kitchen and dining room should merge on an east-facing home’s south, west, or east side. The dining room door should face a different entrance.

One should face north, west, or east while seated at the dinner table, but the family head should always sit on the east side.

What To Do If You Have A Pooja Room In The East Facing House Vastu ? ​

east facing house vastu pooja room
east facing house vastu pooja room

In your house, the puja room is a sacred place. If you have an east-facing house vastu plan with a pooja room, the perfect direction for your puja room is the North East. 

But it is also good if the temple is placed in the east direction. The pooja room for east facing house should be built apart from the bathroom, whether the house has two bedrooms or three, and faces east.

Put three Vastu pyramids—one on either side of the main door vastu for east facing house and the third on top—of your entry faces southeast. On both sides of the door, you can also paint the Swastika, Om, and Trishul symbols.

What To Do If You Have A Living Room In The East Facing House Vastu? ​

east facing house vastu living room
east facing house vastu living room

The placement of the living room should be vastu compliant. In an east-facing house, the best arrangement of the living room is in the East zone, which is considered both auspicious and optimum according to vastu shastra.

According to vastu, the living room should be on the northeast side of the home if it faces east. 

Additionally, the room’s north and east walls should be shorter and thinner than its west and south walls. It is said that doing this will lead to prosperity on both a personal and professional level. Also, ensure that your east-facing house staircase vastu is according to the direction.

What To Do If You Have A Bedroom In The East Facing House Vastu?​

east facing house vastu bedroom
east facing house vastu bedroom

Homes are said to attract wealth and luck if built with their faces toward the east or with most of their space facing east. 

When planning the house’s east orientation, according to the east-facing house vastu plan 3D, your master bedroom vastu for the east-facing house should be placed southwest. And be larger than the other rooms in your home. 

According to vastu shastra, the bed should be on the west or south wall of the room. Such that the head points west or south and the legs point east or north when a person is sleeping in an east-facing home. 

Get it designed towards the north or west side of the room if you intend to include a dressing area in your master bedroom.

Keep the bathroom door locked at all times, and the door shouldn’t be directly in front of the bed.

Wall Colors And Designs For East Facing House Vastu ​

east facing house vastu colors
east facing house vastu colors

When painting homes for east facing house vastu plan, you should remember that while the house receives enough natural light in the morning. You should utilize an artificial light source in the afternoon. 

Therefore, consider how the paint will appear in natural and artificial light while choosing a colour. For the most part, consumers choose green and blue tones when painting their east-facing rooms.

Rooms painted blue with a touch of grey have an excellent sense, while green with aqua tones gives the room a new feel.

The lightest pink and white hues are the most acceptable options if you like simplicity. It would be best if you hung a painting of the rising sun in the east to foster better friendships and family ties. 

You can place a picture of seven horses on the east wall of the living room since it is thought to attract riches.

Green, which roughly corresponds to the eastern side of the home, is the colour linked with air. You can put a picture of greenery in the east to encourage growth. 

Install a statue of a laughing Buddha on the eastern side of the building to promote joy and peace.

What Are The Do's Of An East Facing House Vastu? ​

best east facing house vastu
best east facing house vastu

Given below are some tips for an east facing house you should keep in mind:

1. Choose a direction for the kitchen in the South East or south.

2. Position the Pooja room in the North-East direction, as this location is good.

3. Make sure to leave enough room on the east side. If you have little space, a tiny balcony will suffice.

4. Double-check that no obstructions (such as an electric pole or a tree) block the main entrance.

What Are The Dont's Of An East Facing House Vastu? ​

east facing house vastu bathroom
east facing house vastu bathroom

1. Avoid putting the toilet seat or septic tank in the North East direction at all expenses. It can attract mental issues, confusion, lack of clarity, no decision-making capacity, and cancer in the house.

2. Overhead water tank should be placed in the west direction of the house.

3. Avoid boring, underground water tanks in the southeast direction; consult a vastu consultant for vastu advice if it is unavoidable.

4. Do not throw trash or dustbins outside the main door or on the north side, especially in the North East corner.

5. Placement of the main electricity board in the North East direction should be avoided.

6. Don’t completely block the east side. This might lead to a build-up of bad energy within the home.

Conclusion - East Facing House Vastu ​

The information above shows that the East-facing house can be auspicious for most of you. But you have to follow the desired vastu guidelines for that to happen. 

To get the best vastu advice from a trusted consultant, contact Panch Vastu.

Our vastu consultant, Abhishek Bansall, has extensive experience of more than 15 years and expertise to fill your life with happiness and prosperity.

For further information, Visit our website and book your appointment today. 

FAQ's Related To East Facing House Vastu

Yes, an east facing house is good as per vastu. It is more suitable for politicians, ministers, government officials, government contractors, businessman, news reporter etc. It increases social circle and beneficial networking of its residents.

Aries in the fourth house of horoscope is suitable for an east facing house. It increases their financial status, income and victory in every field. 

Yes, an east facing house is lucky for its residents. It brings victory, lots of earned money, beneficial networking with influential people and government related benefits.

Yes, an east facing entry is highly auspicious for a house. It brings lots of income and positivity for its residents.

East facing is better than north east facing. North east entrance is considered as negative. It brings fire and accidents. It further gives excessive anger and disturbed mind.

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