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The Best West Facing House Vastu Plan To Follow In 2022

best west facing house vastu direction
best west facing house vastu direction

West-facing house vastu is surrounded by many myths and misinterpretations and is often misguided to bring bad luck and problems.

However, vastu shastra believes that this is not true.

With the due course of time and lack of understanding, the west-facing houses have earned a bad reputation.

They are believed to have gathered lousy luck for those whose homes have been constructed in this zone. 

There are a lot of misinterpretations of the ancient vastu texts nowadays.

People ought to believe and implement myths in their lives.

Panch Vastu offers you authentic and scientific vastu tips which will bring prosperity and goodwill to your life.

Now let’s focus on the west-facing house vastu plan as per vastu and try to bring a deeper understanding of it.

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Is West Facing House Vastu Unlucky For You?

west facing house vastu
west facing house vastu

An honest answer to this is a big ‘No’. The truth is that a west-facing house can prove to be as optimistic as any other directional house.

The only condition is that you have to follow the necessary guidelines of the vastu shastra. By following certain vastu principles, you can make this direction a path of good fortune.

Vastu studies show that the most successful people in business and politicians have their houses built in the Western direction.

The only thing that matters is the correct placement of the main entrance and a balance of all the vastu zones to achieve your desired goals.

What Is A West Facing House Vastu?

west facing house vastu entrances
west facing house vastu entrances

The direction in which the main entrance is located determines the house’s facing. It is the direction you face while stepping out of the main entrance of your home.

Therefore, if you face west while stepping out of your main entrance, your house is considered a west-facing house.

The most crucial thing to consider in a west-facing property is the location of the main entrance. Because it is from the main entrance that the positive cosmic energy enters your house, this energy plays a vital role in the inhabitants’ lives. 

So, the first step is to identify the orientation of your house to make it compliant with west facing house vastu.

You have to keep the following things in mind while considering a west-facing house these are-

  • Your main entrance door
  • Location of your rooms
  • Placement of objects inside the house
  • Elemental balance in your living space 

These things are necessary to ensure a perfect vastu for your home, bringing you success, growth, and happiness.

How To Find If You Have A West Facing House Vastu?

vastu tips for new home rooms should be properly placed
vastu tips for new home rooms should be properly placed

Finding your house’s exact facing is essential, as a difference of 2-3 degrees can adversely affect your life. This will lead to incorrect vastu and hinder finding the root cause of your problem.

You must be wondering if this is a complex task. Well, it’s not. You can quickly determine whether your house is west-facing by following the steps below.

1. To begin the process, stand outside your house’s main entrance. You have to stand so that your back is parallel to your home.

2. Now, take the compass in your hand. There are specific critical points that you have to remember: 

  • Remove all the magnetic objects around the compass.
  • Remove jewellery on your hands if you are wearing any.
  • Hold the compass at your waist level.
  • Take 3-4 readings inside and outside your house for accurate direction. The one you get the maximum number of times will be your precise direction. 

3. After holding the compass flat in your palms, let the compass needle float freely until the zero-degree mark and the north end of the needle is aligned. 

4. After confirming the magnetic north, note down the direction you are facing.

5. The direction you are facing is the accurate direction of your house. 

Through this process, you can determine if your house is west-facing. Read further for vastu tips for west-facing homes

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A West Facing House Vastu?

west facing house vastu advantages
west facing house vastu advantages

The Advantages Of A West Facing House Are As Follows:

1. The most significant advantage of having a west-facing house is that you may enjoy the warmth and light of the setting sun until late.

2. Some people also think a home facing the west will be more prosperous and wealthy. They won’t have any enemies and will be well-liked at work and in social settings.

3. People in politics, business ownership, education, and religious leadership have west-facing house vastu benefits from living in a west-facing home.

4. Since it gives youngsters energy and fun, it is also said to be excellent for them.

The Disadvantages Of A West Facing House Are Listed Below:

1. The major west-facing house disadvantage is that the already warm parts absorb most heat from the sunset sun. The sun moves from the south to the west, which causes this.

2. Finding the proper entry for a home with a west-side orientation could be challenging. For many, the entrance might not be Vastu compliant because the house might have a significant portion in the Northwest or South West.

3. A residential property should always have its length in either the North-South or East-West directions, according to Vastu. This, therefore, causes a mild annoyance in the dwelling facing the west.

What Is The Placement Of The Main Entrance In The West Facing House Vastu?

west facing house vastu main entrance
west facing house vastu main entrance

According to vastu shastra, there are 32 gates, of which only nine are considered optimum for the main entrance. And out of these nine auspicious entrances, two are located in the west direction. 

The suitable entrance, according to vastu, should be in the following gates:

  • W3 or Sugriva (247.5° – 259°)
  • W4 or Pushpdanta (259° – 270°)

These entrances are considered the most auspicious and will bring you profit, prosperity, and peace of mind. 

The above-stated is the best main door vastu for west facing house to apply for a prosperous life. 

What To Do If You Have A Bedroom In A West Facing House Vastu?

west facing house vastu bedroom
west facing house vastu bedroom

Your main bedroom should ideally be on the southwest side of your house, vastu west facing. This strategy fosters better communication between partners and lessens intercouple conflict.

The master bedroom in the vastu plan for west facing house must be on the top if your home has multiple floors. To acquire restful sleep and calm, one must ensure that the bedroom is appropriately positioned with the natural elements.

The main bedroom in a west-facing home is generally thought to be best placed in the southwest corner.

What To Do If You Have A Kitchen In West Facing House Vastu?

west facing house vastu kitchen
west facing house vastu kitchen

The kitchen is essential in our house as it controls the family’s health. Additionally, it has a fire element, which supports family harmony when placed in the appropriate home area by Vastu for homes facing west.

The family may experience health and financial issues if the kitchen vastu for west facing house is set incorrectly. It is recommended to face east while cooking, so ensure your kitchen counter meets that direction.

What To Do If You Have A Pooja Room In West Facing House Vastu?

west facing house vastu pooja room
west facing house vastu pooja room

A temple or pooja room is a significant location where you can harness the energy around you when you worship or pray to your god.

It is suggested that the idols face west so the pilgrims might encounter them on their eastern side. Make sure this similarity also exists in your home puja room.

The northeast direction of the house, which faces west, has the highest energy, making it the ideal location for the west-facing house vastu plan with pooja room.

What Colors To Choose For A West Facing House Vastu?

colours for west facing house vastu
colours for west facing house vastu

The most auspicious colours for a West-facing house are neutral, light colours like yellow, white, beige, and silver.

These colours multiply the advantages and gains that the west direction offers. The toilet vastu for the west face house plan should also be according to vastu shastra.  

Light blue can also accomplish the effects mentioned above if your property develops more westwardly.

Neutral colours like creams and off-whites are the best choices if the variety of colours makes you crazy.

Additionally, Vastu is compatible with these hues. These colours can aid you in achieving the most remarkable outcomes while adding a touch of harmony and positivity to your living space.

What Are The Do's Of A West Facing House Vastu?

west facing house vastu is ideal for kids room
west facing house vastu is ideal for kids room

1. The ideal situation for a vastu west-facing house is when it slopes from the South to the North. Ensure that the compound walls in the West and South are higher and thicker than the east and north zones. Doing this will welcome prosperity and good luck in your home.

2. West is the ideal direction for a kid’s bedroom. The children’s bedroom in this zone ensures gains in every field of life. 

3. A study room in the west South West direction is ideal for students and those dealing with academic areas. As this zone ensures education and knowledge.

4. For the kitchen, South East is the preferred zone. If this zone is unavailable in your home, you can go for the North West zone. 

5. For bedroom placement, prefer the North North West direction. It is suitable for harmonious relations between couples. 

6. You can place the overhead water tank in the west direction by following the west-facing house vastu tips.

7. A guest bedroom can be made in the North West. 

What Are The Don'ts Of A West Facing House Vastu?

avoid green and red colour in west facing house vastu
avoid green and red colour in west facing house vastu

1. You have to be careful with the entrances. Avoid main entries in the W1, W2, W5, W6, W7, and W8 gates in a west-facing house. These gates are considered inauspicious for the main entrances.

2. A west-facing plot with a South West (SW) extension should be avoided since it would result in a disaster.

3. Try to avoid the construction of irregular-shaped rooms in your west-facing home.

4. Any bore well, or an underground water tank in the South West zone is strictly prohibited according to vastu shastra.

5. The walls in the west zone should not be painted green or red because this colour is an anti-colour for this zone.

6. The living room of the West facing house should not be placed towards the east of the southeast or West of the northwest direction.

Conclusion West Facing House Vastu

To conclude, it can be said that a west-facing house is as good as any other house in a particular direction.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you follow the necessary vastu rule and guidelines to comply with them. 

For your convenience, at Panch Vastu, we have the best vastu consultant in India, Abhishek Bansall, whose expertise and experience will provide you with the best vastu tips to fulfil your life with happiness and gains. 

For further information, visit our website and book your appointment today. 

FAQ's Related To West Facing House Vastu

Yes, a west facing house is good. It brings general happiness in life and enhances the income of the residents. Overall, a west facing house proves to be fruitful for its residents.

Yes, a west direction is very auspicious for a main door. For positive results, paint the main door in white color. Main door in west direction enhances the feeling of fulfilment in the family.

A west facing house is suitable for consultants, advocates, religious priests, industrialists, corporates and so on.

A west facing house is extremely good and beneficial for Libra rashi. People having Libra in the fourth house of horoscope are more suitable for a west facing house. 

It is a myth that a west facing house is not good. There are a lot of misinterpretations of having a west facing house. However, all these is not true. A west facing house is extremely beneficial for its residents. Most of the successful people in business and politicians have their houses built in the west direction.

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