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Vastu For Study Table: Top Significance And Useful Vastu Guidelines For You

vastu for study table
Vastu for Study Table

Vastu for study table is crucial in ensuring the overall vastu of the room in which it is located. Many individuals question the significance of it and the benefits it entails.

In this blog, we’ll look at the importance of Vastu for study tables and some rules.

In a child’s room, a study table is a must-have item. If you have a separate study room, then you should also have one in this part.

However, in most circumstances, we discuss the children’s room best vastu for study table consultants in this blog.

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Table of Contents

What Is The Role Of Vastu For Study Table For Students?

importance of vastu for study table
importance of vastu for study table

Before diving into the relevance of vastu for study table, it’s crucial to understand why having a study table in a student’s room is essential.

Students must devote significant time to studying at home, apart from school hours. It entails completing school-assigned homework and assignments as well as remaining exam-ready.

This is when having a study table comes in helpful. The student can keep their study materials organized on the study table. It allows them to quickly glimpse all of their books, notebooks, and other items all at once.

This is especially important for students in higher grades, who need to read many reference books and their school books.

Furthermore, students’ habit of sitting in a chair with a study table encourages healthy posture and provides an incentive to study with greater focus.

Students who do not have access to a study table in some houses wind up sitting on the bed or the floor for the same reason.

This puts pressure on their backbone, and they get cramps and body aches. Furthermore, this layout causes kids to become exhausted.

Both vastu professionals and doctors widely advise having a study table. As a result, we may conclude that every student needs a vastu shastra for the study table.

A positive environment plays a vital role in this. Therefore, the west-southwest is the ideal direction for the study table placement if you are moving into a new house.

Why Is Vastu For Study Table Important?

best vastu for study table
best vastu for study table

According to vastu shastra, the proper arrangement of objects in the home is critical for good vastu. Using proper Vastu, you may ensure that your child gets the most out of their study table.

Children must have appropriate concentration and the ability to generate and maintain memories to function effectively in school.

Your children can maintain optimal attention while studying if you follow the vastu standards for study tables.

It can also aid in the formation of intellectual memories. The student will be able to study for more extended periods and remain motivated to do well on tests. Overall, children are more likely to succeed in their academics.

The guidelines for vastu for study table at home are neglected, various vastu flaws might result, and the student is more likely to remain mediocre despite having considerable talent and resources.

What All Is Included In Vastu For Study Table?

vastu for study table direction
vastu for study table direction

Vastu for study table incorporates several components, just as a complete vastu for a residence necessitates a review of numerous factors.

The two essential criteria are the proper positioning of the study table and the orientation towards which the student must face when studying.

Aside from these factors, the study table colour, as per vastu, and shape can all impact its Vastu. They work together to create one of the best school environments for the child to succeed.

If your store room is in the right direction of your home, you can put your old books or study materials there. You are doing this won’t do any harm.

Let’s take a look at these characteristics one by one.

What Is The Ideal Placement Of Vastu For Study Table?

vastu for study table placement
vastu for study table placement

This is the most critical factor in achieving an excellent vastu study table. If this zone is proper, it will enhance students’ performance differently.

According to a vastu consultant, you should place the study table in the house’s West of South West (WSW) direction. The house’s North East zone is the second-best option.

A study table can also be placed near the pooja room. It is also one of the ideal placements.

If neither of the above options is accessible, consider the South West (SW) zone. They are beneficial to all students, regardless of their educational background.

Besides this, specific zones can benefit the study table, as per vastu, but only for some students. Consider the below-stated tips for the ideal positions of the study table. 

  • The east zone is an excellent place to put a study table, but only if the student is interested in political science or preparing for Government jobs like IAS, UPSC, IPS Etc. This is the ideal zone of study table vastu for competitive exams.
  • Students active in yoga, athletics, and physical education will benefit from the South of South East (SSE) zone.
  • Those pursuing a profession in law and police will find the South East (SE) zone more beneficial.
  • School kids benefit significantly from the West of South West (WSW) zone.
  • Students pursuing accounting courses will benefit from studying in the west zone.
  • The North West (NW) zone is expected to produce positive home science and retail investment outcomes.
  • The North zone will benefit students studying for competitive exams or career-oriented studies.

Which Zones To Avoid Vastu For Study Table Placement?

vastu for study table zone
vastu for study table zone

It’s vital to determine which zones to avoid while setting up the study table. Read further to know more. 

  • A Vastu expert advises against placing the study table in the bathroom zone. West of North West (WNW) study table placement leads to depression among students and South of South West (SSW), respectively, and East of South East (ESE).


  • When setting up the study table, stay away from the East of North East (ENE), North of North West (NNW), and South Zones.


Make sure to stay away from all of the zones listed above. This is considered a defect in vastu for study table and can severely hinder a student’s academic performance.

They will struggle to concentrate on their studies and retain little information, regardless of how effectively they are taught.

If you find it challenging to do so due to a lack of room in your home, see a vastu consultant in India for practical vastu remedies. 

Which Direction To Face While Studying Vastu For Study Table?

ideal direction of vastu for study table
ideal direction of vastu for study table

Once you have identified the zone, the following study table, as per vastu consideration, is the direction in which the student will be studying.

This contains many elements. The student’s educational level determines them and the field/discipline they are working in.

Read further to know which direction is best for the study table.

Vastu Shastra suggests the following ways to face while studying:

  • The best zone for science students is the study table facing west.
  • The ideal location for law students is facing south.
  • If you’re looking at politics or administration, the best zone is facing East.
  • The best site for students involved in the arts and religion is facing North.


Apart from these broad rules, the orientation might vary significantly. For example, the ideal zone for a student engaged in research is East of the South East zone (ESE).

The same adjustments must be made in the East zone for students pursuing an MBA or preparing for IAS. 

You’ll need a comprehensive Vastu for study table analysis from a top vastu consultant to figure out which zone is the most fruitful for your child.

Additional Vastu For Study Table Tips

vastu for study table tips
vastu for study table tips

Vastu for study table might also be affected by other vastu standards. These are related to the study table’s material, form, and surroundings. Let’s have a brief look at a few of them. 

  • A study table which is square or rectangular is ideal. There is no harm in the study table facing the window in the house.
  • Wood is a natural element. Thus it’s ideal to acquire a study table made of it.
  • Other materials, such as plastic, fibre, and so on, can be used, but you should avoid metal ones because their corners might cause injury.
  • Make sure the study table isn’t pressed up against the wall. Maintain a little distance to allow for air passage. It will help keep this place clear and clean and provide students with new ideas.
  • Maintain a clean and clutter-free environment around the study table.
  • Keep a mirror or an electronic device like a TV or computer out of the room because they can be distracting.
  • Place several vastu objects in strategic locations.
  • Motivational quotes and inspirational posters can be placed on the study table wall. It will boost students’ motivation to succeed in school.
  • When possible, make use of natural light. Apart from illumination, it will also deliver the sun’s energy.
  • After sunset, use a lamp to keep the area lit adequately to attract positive energy.
  • Ensure the study table isn’t positioned beneath any of the house’s beams.
  • Pray to the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, regularly.
  • Remember not to place the study table in the drawing room. Doing so will lead to studying disturbances and result in a loss of concentration.

You will notice a significant difference in your study schedule after following these vastu principles.

Vastu For Study Table Conclusion

To conclude, the vastu for study table is essential for students and academicians for their prosperous future and better concentration.

The above mentioned vastu tips are convenient and hassle-free to perform. 

If you want your children to perform better in academics, you can get in touch with our best vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall.

Vastu helps to improvise the overall performance of your children.

For all the recent updates from Panch Vastu, visit our social media pages below.

FAQ's Related To Vastu For Study Table

According to vastu shastra, the study table should be placed in the west of south west direction. 

Yes, your desk can face the wall. There are no negative effects of a desk facing a wall as per vastu. 

According to vastu shastra, a square shaped yellow color pen stand can be kept on the desk in the west of south west direction. Doing this will sharpen your writing skills.

According to vastu shastra, the desk should face the north direction. West of south west is the ideal for getting success in the IIT, JEE and UPSC exams. The aspirants should sit in this direction facing north. The NEET aspirants should sit in west of south west zone facing the north of north east direction for better results.

For studying the following directions are not good – 

  • South of south west – if you study in this direction, you won’t remember anything you read.
  • West of north west – if you study in this direction, you will get low thoughts, no willingness to study and feel tired all day.
  • East of south east – if you study in this direction, you will get anxiety very often. However, this zone is good for doing research work only.

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