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Staircase Vastu Tips : Amazing Vastu Tips That Will Change Your Life

vastu for staircase
Vastu Tips For Staircase

Vastu tips for the staircase are not something most people consider while evaluating their property, even though almost every building in today’s architecture has at least one staircase.

These are important not just for the use of multistory buildings around us but also for the benefit of one’s roof in single-story homes.

Overall, regardless of the size or type of the property, having at least one internal staircase vastu for north facing house building is reasonably prevalent. In reality, having a staircase and lift is necessary for residential flats and shopping complexes.

Given the importance of the staircase, we should consider what role vastu tips for staircase plays in any building property. We’ll cover everything essential about staircase vastu in this blog. So make sure you stick with us to the conclusion.

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Table of Contents

Why Are Vastu Tips For Staircases Important?

vastu tips for staircase position
vastu tips for staircase position

Most people first and foremost examine the main door position when evaluating a home’s overall vastu, followed by the part of other portions of the floor plan.

Bedrooms, kitchens, puja rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and so on are all included. Among all of these, a staircase is frequently forced into a corner where it fits nicely.

Is this an intelligent notion for the vastu of one’s home?

Our vastu consultant says otherwise. The staircase is considered a supplementary entry to the house because it allows access to all other floors.

Panch Vastu regards the direction zone of the last step of the staircase leading to the upper floor as necessary when calculating the vastu for stairs.

Which Zones Are Best For Vastu Tips For Staircase In House And Which Are Not?

best vastu tips for staircase
best vastu tips for staircase

The direction zones in the Vastu Purush Mandala signify something in the vastu. Each zone is appropriate for a specific purpose while incompatible with other house areas. 

Several accounts and beliefs say that the staircase can be placed in any of the eight basic orientations in vastu. North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East, and South-West are among them.

Staircases close to the servant room do not create problems and issues for you. Just make sure the direction is vastu compliant.

 According to the best vastu consultant for the staircase in the house, the stairs as per vastu should never be placed in the marmasthan zones of the vastu. These include the following:

  • North East (Ishan)
  • North West (Vayu)
  • South East (Agni)
  • South West (Nairit)
  • Brahmasthan

Having the staircase in any of these zones can result in serious vastu flaws, causing the residents to experience specific negative energy of the vastu.

The vastu for the staircase in an east facing house should avoid the northeast and southeast zones.

House facing the North can have a staircase in any positive direction per vastu shastra principles.

It does not matter whether the staircase touch the northern or eastern wall. The critical aspect to focus on is checking where stairs connect to the upper floor of the building.

If you have staircases in one of these zones, then vastu remedies for the northeast staircase should be implemented with the consultation of a Vastu expert.

Most people prefer to put their overhead water tanks over the staircase. However, if the direction is ideal, then there is no harm in placing the water tank.

 Avoiding these zones while planning a staircase is highly advised to be better safe. Whether indoor or external staircase vastu for north facing house, situate it in one of the four cardinal zones to ensure good vastu.

If your staircase is already in restricted zones, you should contact the best vastu expert in town as soon as possible to correct its harmful effects with excellent vastu treatments.

Clockwise and Anticlockwise Orientation Of Vastu Tips For Staircase

anticlockwise vastu tips for staircase
anticlockwise vastu tips for staircase

The aspect of the staircase’s orientation follows the placement zone. People have asked about the staircase’s direction and significance in defining the vastu of the entire stairway.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the vastu principles for the staircase inside the house can spiral up in one of two ways:

 Clockwise, counterclockwise, and anticlockwise orientations are available.

 One of these orientations is frequently thought to be superior to the other.

But what does a vastu consultation have to say about this? Is it better to bend your vastu rules for the staircase in a clockwise or counterclockwise spiral?

Before we answer this, let’s first understand what the term “vastu rules for staircase spiral orientation” means.

If you look around these days, you will see that few people build their staircases in a manner that consumes much space, whether for their home, workplace, or store.

Instead, architects create staircases in patterns to make the most of the space available in today’s packed environment. 

  • Straight L shape,
  • Double L shape,
  • Square shape,
  • Half-round/curved/semi-circle/U shape,
  • Trapezoid shape,
  • Z shape etc.


These staircase designs are more compact, easily fitting into any modern structure. If you have anticlockwise staircases in the west of northwest directions, you will be more likely to suffer from depression which lead to financial losses.

There is no issue if you have a clockwise staircase in a similar direction.

Always remember that broken stairs must be repaired to increase the positive energy in that part of the house where the staircase is built.

Staircase encircling the building must always be avoided as they can hamper the positive energy of the building as per Vastu shastra principles.

It is a myth that an odd number or even number of stairs has any effect on the energy or the occupants of the building, as per modern vastu.

Only old buildings have spiral staircases that go all around (clockwise or anticlockwise configuration).

So, before worrying about the spiral staircase’s orientation, look at its actual shape. In any case, there’s a good chance your building won’t have any old-fashioned stairwells.

The clockwise or anticlockwise regulations only apply to the entire spiral staircase vastu for east facing houses.

Is The Spiral Staircase's Orientation Important For The Overall Vastu Tips For Staircase?

vastu tips for staircase direction
vastu tips for staircase direction

Now let’s talk about the essential question: does spiral direction affect staircase vastu?

 Should you be concerned about the spiral direction of your old-fashioned staircase as per staircase vastu shastra(or if you live in an old building)?

 Regardless of the urban legends that circulate, the answer to this question is a decisive No!

This element has little effect until a person utilizes the staircase excessively, according to a leading vastu consultant.

You don’t have to worry much as long as your staircase is in the vastu compatible zone. You can utilize various vastu objects such as indoor plants, specific metal strips, and so on to improve the overall vastu for the staircase.

We want additional information if you have a store room beneath the staircase. Then you have to ensure it is in the right direction, according to vastu shastra.

Vastu Tips For Staircase : Conclusion

We hope you’ve learned much about staircase vastu and will apply what you’ve learned to improve the vastu of your home, office, or company.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this blog.

Reach out to us at Panch Vastu if you want complete vastu tips for the staircase in your property from the most excellent vastu guru.

With his extensive 15 years of expertise, Abhishek Bansall, the best vastu consultant in India, is always glad to assist you.

For further information, visit our website and book your appointment today. 

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FAQ's Related To Vastu Tips For Staircase

Anticlockwise staircases in most of the directions are considered best according to vastu shastra. It should connect to a positive entrance at the upper floor as per vastu shastra.

Internal staircase in a house can be made in any of the positive directions, namely, north, south, east and west. But make sure that their orientation should be anticlockwise.

All the directions, north, south, east and west are ideal for a staircase in a house. North direction provides money earning opportunities. South direction gives more relaxation and name and fame to the head of the family. The east direction gives good social connections and fruitful networking and finally, the west direction increases profits and gains.

There are no required vastu rules or guidelines regarding the number of steps in a staircase. You can have them as much as you require.

For the east facing house, all directions are ideal for the staircase. You can make a staircase in any of the positive directions – north, south, east and west. Try to avoid construction of staircases in East South East, South South West and West North West.  

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