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10 Vastu For Kitchen Direction, Colours, Design Tips That Will Amaze You

vastu for kitchen
Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu for kitchen is the most significant thing in your home. The atmosphere of your kitchen is critical to your family’s health and happiness.

In today’s houses, the kitchen is the centre of activity. Kitchens are well-designed spaces with cutting-edge technology where family members may be observed cooking, interacting, and socializing with friends and family.

The kitchen vastu is an essential part of any home’s vastu. No matter how much money you spend on kitchen design and furnishings, you won’t be able to reap the benefits until you have Kitchen Vastu.

This blog will look at every significant component of vastu for the kitchen. I am starting by learning about the value of the kitchen area, moving on to the relevance of kitchen vastu. Then, discover the most basic and essential vastu guidelines for the kitchen and some common vastu mistakes to avoid.

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Table of Contents

What Is The Importance Of Vastu For Kitchen Area ?

vastu for kitchen direction
vastu for kitchen direction

Each room in the house symbolizes something significant. After the puja room, the vastu for the kitchen is regarded as the most sacred part. As we make daily meals in it, we pray to Maa Annapurna, the goddess of food and nutrition. 

As a result, it symbolizes food, satiation, and nourishment. We quench our desire with food but also keep sickness at bay. The support of good meals also provides energy and strength to carry out our everyday responsibilities.

Furthermore, the kitchen signifies the fire element according to vastu shastra. One of the Panch Tattvas is Fire (the rest are air, water, earth, and space).

As a result, its proper placement is critical. Only when it is perfectly balanced will it deliver the vastu benefits of Fire. If this is not done, it may result in devastating consequences in accidents.

The kitchen is the scene of the majority of fires in residential buildings. Of course, a lack of caution is one of the reasons, but vastu specialists say that many of these homes lack a vastu-compliant cooking space.

Why Is Vastu For Kitchen Important?

vastu for kitchen direction 1
vastu for kitchen area

The importance of vastu for the kitchen inside a house is unparalleled. You can improve not one but both of these elements, as described previously, with the correct vastu. A vastu-compliant kitchen channels positive energy while removing the lousy energy that accumulates.

As a result, you can maintain excellent health and avoid the negative energy that might lead to illness. It also helps in reducing the likelihood of fire-related hazards in the home.

Apart from these factors, a not vastu-compliant kitchen has been linked to financial strain, legal concerns, and family strife.

As a result, it is strongly advised that every home seek kitchen vastu. Vastu specialists propose that commercial premises also have a vastu-compliant kitchen and pantry area.

What Is Included In Vastu For Kitchen?

vastu fo kitchen
Vastu for Kitchen In Home

In that regard, the vastu for the kitchen is comparable. It includes the proper positioning of various areas of the room and furnishings.

It all starts with the proper placement of the kitchen in the house. The oven, cylinder, other appliances, refrigerator, storage cabinet, washbasin, windows, and other items are appropriately placed and guided.

Kitchen vastu also includes choosing the proper hue for painting the space’s interiors. Overall, vastu for kitchen tries to link this space with cosmic forces ultimately.

Vastu For Kitchen Guidelines For You

vastu for kitchen direction 2
vastu for kitchen guidelines

Below are some kitchen space vastu guidelines provided by the best vastu consultant. 

Vastu For Kitchen Placement

According to Vastu Shastra, the South East is the zone of the fire element. As a result, the optimal location for the kitchen is in the house’s Southeast corner.

If it is not available, you might also look in other directions, such as:

South South East: Constructing a kitchen as per vastu in this zone provides financial security, nutrition, physical fitness, and good digestion. Kitchen construction in this zone increases the power and confidence of the residents of that house.

South: A kitchen can be constructed in this zone as it helps you to relax your body and mind. It also brings name and fame to you. It also curbs all stress-related disorders.

West: West is the zone of gains and profits. Therefore a vastu for kitchen in this zone brings you money, satisfaction, growth, development, knowledge, wisdom, security, profits and achievements. However, kitchen construction in this zone should be perfectly balanced first as per vastu shastra guidelines. Otherwise, it may lead to adverse effects.

North-West: The North-West zone generates the energy that attracts support and helps people for any cause you pursue.

As per vastu shastra, in this zone, a kitchen will ensure support and assets and assist in your dreams and aspirations. However, kitchen construction in this zone should be perfectly balanced first, per vastu guidelines. Otherwise, it may lead to adverse effects.

The placement of vastu for the kitchen stove needs to be balanced per the tattva shuddhi technique of Panch vastu. However, avoid locating the cooking area in the north, northeast, or southwest zones.

It has been discovered to cause familial strife, conflict among family members, and many more severe health and financial issues.

Vastu For Kitchen For Gas Cylinder And Burner

Keep in mind that all heat-producing kitchen appliances are considered fire sources. So, whether you’re using a gas burner or a microwave oven, the rules are the same.

The gas cylinder and burner must be kept in the South East area of the kitchen, much like the previous one. Please place them, so you face east when using or cooking with them.

Vastu For Kitchen For Electronic Gadgets

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a home without some kitchen appliances. Electric equipment abounds in our kitchens.

As a result, their vastu for kitchen location is also essential. Place electrical appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, rice cookers, and so on in the southeast of your home as per vastu shastra.

Avoid storing them in the North East corner since this could cause aggression and over-analysing trivial issues among family members.

Vastu For Kitchen Placement Of Water Structure

A sink in the kitchen is particularly essential in terms of general use. However, in perspective vastu shastra, no negative results have been observed due to the placement of the sink in the kitchen or the arrangement of water structures in the kitchen.

As per vastu, keeping water in the kitchen or placement of water taps in the kitchen, no negative results have been observed. It is just a myth. 

Vastu For Kitchen Placement Of Refrigerator

Almost every home has a refrigerator for storing food. We keep dairy goods, vegetables, and prepared leftover food in the fridge to keep them fresh and tasty.

As per vastu, the refrigerator’s colour should be compatible with the colour of the direction it is placed in.

For example, if it is placed in the southeast, it should be red, pink, orange, or green. Otherwise, it will affect the elemental balance of your home and bring negative results.

Always avoid keeping the refrigerator in the south of the southwest, east of southeast and west of the northwest kitchen direction as per vastu.

Vastu For Kitchen Placement Of Storage Cabinet

We all have some extra food on hand as a backup. You can place your kitchen utensils in the preferable location of your choice. This will bring riches and good fortune to the people who dwell there.

If you don’t have a separate cabinet for food storage, you can neatly arrange the storage containers in the desired orientation.

Vastu For Kitchen Placement Of Utensils

The vastu shastra constantly advises keeping the kitchen clutter-free. So, properly arrange all the utensils in a cabinet or a basket.

Also, if there is any damaged china or glassware, attempt to get rid of it as soon as possible, keeping broken items can transmit negative energy around the house.

Vastu For Kitchen Windows And Exhaust Fan

In the kitchen, having a window and an exhaust fan is essential. It helps eliminate harmful gas generated in the kitchen. During the day, windows provide more exposure to natural light. If feasible, keep them open while cooking and at other times.

The best vastu consultant for the kitchen recommended installing a pair of windows on the east side because the sun will directly enter the kitchen, positively impacting the cooked food. 

Which Is The Best Color For Vastu For Kitchen?

vastu for kitchen direction 3
vastu for kitchen color

The best kitchen colours, according to Vastu, are orange and, red, pink because the kitchen reflects the fire element. Warm tones, like pink, are associated with tenderness and warmth, while brown, which is associated with joy, can also be considered for the kitchen. The South East zone is ideal for kitchens.

Vastu for kitchen colours include tones of orange and green, which signify freshness, health, and happiness if there are kitchen cabinets. Mosaic, ceramic, or marble tiles are good choices for flooring tiles.

Always avoid granite stones or any black colour stone on the kitchen counter. It brings health issues to the females of the family who cook food. And also hampers financial stability, mental peace etc., in the home. Also, avoid eating meals in your bedroom. This also has disastrous effects on your health and family.

Open Vs. Closed Kitchen: Which Is Better Vastu For Kitchen?

vastu for kitchen
Best direction for Kitchen in house

Closed kitchens are designed as separate house areas, as the name implies. The open kitchen is integrated with the living room. Kitchens (and toilets) were once separated from the rest of the house because they produced negative energy and hazardous fumes.

However, most building construction nowadays favours open kitchen vastu direction space for greater space utilization.

People frequently inquire which kitchen design is superior in terms of vastu shastra. On the other hand, the open kitchen is also considered suitable, according to vastu.

However, having an open kitchen has no harm or adverse effects. The only disadvantage is that all the smoke will spread to the consequent rooms.

Vastu For Kitchen Conclusion

We hope you’ve learned a lot about vastu for the kitchen and will apply what you’ve learned to improve the vastu of your home. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this blog.

Reach out to us at Panch Vastu if you want a complete vastu for the kitchen and kitchen vastu remedies for your new home from the most excellent vastu consultant.

With his extensive 15 years of expertise, Abhishek Bansall, the best vastu consultant in India, is always glad to assist you.

For further updates from Panch Vastu, visit our social media pages below.

FAQ's Related To Vastu For Kitchen

Directions namely, south west, north east and south south west are not the ideal direction for cooking as per vastu.

According to vastu, the stove should face the east direction of the house.

South east is considered to be the best direction for kitchen according to vastu.

No, west direction is not good for kitchen placement. However, if you already have a kitchen in west direction then you can balance it by placing yellow stone under the gas burner. If the west direction is not balanced properly it may result in financial losses.

Pink is considered to be the ideal kitchen color according to vastu. However, you can use other colors such as orange and green. 

You can place the kitchen sink anywhere according to your utility and preferences. There are no observation of negative results because of the kitchen sink. 

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