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Vastu For Bedroom: 8 Tips And Remedies That Will Help You In Peace Of Mind

vastu for bedroom
Vastu for Bedroom

Vastu for bedroom is essential for a healthy lifestyle, good sleep and prosperity in your home. The importance of positions and directions for good sleep is described in the bedroom vastu shastra

According to Vastu, sleeping in the wrong direction causes disturbed and deprived sleep, leading to depression, anxiety and other health problems.

This blog uncovers some tips and the best vastu directions for a good and peaceful sleep.

Furthermore, how this vastu for bedroom tips help to bring good luck and prosperity in your life.

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Table of Contents

Why Is The Vastu For Bedroom Important?

importance of vastu for bedroom
importance of vastu for bedroom

A house must emanate the right energy to be considered a home. According to traditional beliefs, each vastu for bedroom in the home has its energy type.

A person who lives in a house is subjected to the impact of a specific energy field, which in turn affects him in some way.

As a result, it’s essential to consider the relationship between Vastu and our homes in terms of cultivating positivity and pleasant feelings.

In our homes, the bedroom is a space where you can relax, collect your thoughts from the day, sleep soundly, and prepare for the next day. Though it is your personal space, you prefer absolutely no disturbance.

According to vastu shastra, the correct positioning of your bedroom brings harmony and prosperity. It further promotes better living conditions and harnesses positive energy in your home. 

The vastu for bedroom in house comprises multiple things. The importance of directions is highly valued in Vastu shastra, as each direction has its deity and attributes. For newly married couples, bedrooms should be made in the north-north-west direction.

The best location of the bedroom in the house and its furnishings in an appropriate direction is required. It also includes several basic and practical vastu recommendations for making your bedroom vastu-compliant.

Some of the crucial factors which you need to keep in mind are listed below:

Vastu For Bedroom Placement Directions

vastu for bedroom direction
vastu for bedroom direction

Below stated are some of the ideal directions for bedroom placement to ensure a joyful life – 

  • Each house typically contains two to three bedrooms: one master bedroom and one children’s room. A guest room might be added to the home plan if there is enough space.
  • The essential vastu for Bedroom advice is to position these rooms in the appropriate orientation. It is recommended that the bedroom in the north direction be located. It can help you achieve career success while ensuring good money-earning opportunities.
  • A vastu for the master bedroom in the south has been discovered to provide residents with a peaceful and stress-free life. Vastu for bedroom inside the house in the South-South-East zone helps develop mental and physical strength. Another suitable zone for bedroom placement is the West zone, which brings wealth by increasing gains, profits, and other abilities.
  • You should avoid allocating it to the northeast, as it is suitable for a pooja room. Similarly, being in the east-south-east zone might lead to domestic strife and miscommunication between partners.
  • Also, the bedroom should never be in the centre of the house. This zone is known as the Brahmasthan and must be kept vacant for the energies to flow freely.
  • For the best results, the master bedroom should be located in the house’s west zone. The southwest side is the best direction for a children’s room. You might want to put the guest room on the east side of the house.

Bed Placement Directions - Vastu For Bedroom

bed direction vastu for bedroom
bed direction vastu for bedroom

After the correct placement of the bedroom, vastu tips for a bedroom for a married couple to place the bed is the second important thing to consider. Read further to know.

  • Place the bed in such a way that your head points south. The east direction can be considered if the west orientation is not feasible. These are considered the best sleeping positions and be incredibly beneficial to people.
  • The east is recommended as a sleeping direction for children and adults linked with academics. The sleeping direction is a valuable vastu tip for the vastu for bedrooms in east-facing houses.
  • Make sure that the bed is not immediately beneath any beams.
  • Nowadays, people are also constructing a home bar within their houses. Though it is not a problematic bus, the home bar should be in the vastu-compliant zone, just like the bedroom.

Doors And Windows In Vastu For Bedroom

vastu for bedroom door
vastu for bedroom door

This is the next important thing to consider, as the direction of doors and windows plays a vital role in bedroom vastu. 

  • As a vastu for bedroom suggestion, use a dark, heavy curtain to block off any light. This will help you get better sleep.
  • The windows in your bedroom should allow for morning sun rays. 
  • Avoid the use of loud colours in the bedroom. Go more with light and soothing colours based on the direction of your bedroom. 
  • There are no set limitations on the number of windows in your bedroom. You can have them according to your preference.


These are some general vastu suggestions for correctly placing windows and doors in your bedroom.

Vastu For Bedroom Guidance With Attached Bathroom

vastu for bedroom attached bathroom
vastu for bedroom attached bathroom

The vastu for a master bedroom with an attached bath is popular in modern architecture. It is helpful since it provides privacy and convenience. However, it may bring certain vastu flaws.

 It is essential to adhere to particular vastu guidelines in this regard.  

  • The vastu for bedroom in south facing house, south south west, west, north west, and east-south-east are preferable for having an attached bathroom.
  • Ensure that the bathroom doors are permanently closed after usage. It should also not be directly aligned with the bed.

Vastu For Bedroom Guidance For Furniture Placement

vastu for bedroom furniture
vastu for bedroom furniture

Furniture placement inside your bedroom holds great importance as it entails values related to a successful and upbeat lifestyle. Read further to know the correct positioning of furniture in the bedroom.

  • Be careful when placing a large size vastu for bedroom mirrors. It should not be in the fire zone, typically from the south-east to the south zone.
  • If you have a safe in your wardrobe, place it in the west, southwest, west south-west zones, facing the north direction. These zones can be preferred for keeping your jewellery, documents and savings. 
  • If your wardrobe has a dressing table or a mirror installed, you must be cautious. Make sure there are no reflections of the bed in the mirrors.


If they do, our top vastu consultant can help you with it. When not in use, cover the dressing table (precisely the mirror)  with drapes or a veil. This will help you with it. 

Vastu For Bedroom Guidance For Electrical Appliance Placement

vastu for bedroom TV placement
vastu for bedroom TV placement

Because our lives are so full of technological gadgets, it’s normal to find many in the bedroom. For example, television, iron, computer, Wi-Fi gadget, cell phone, and power bank are advised to keep none of the electrical appliances in the bedroom. These electrical devices emitted hazardous radiation as well as negative energy. As a result, it may create sleep disturbances and make it difficult to get good sleep.

  • Before going to your bedroom for sleep, finishing all work and entertainment in the living or study room is recommended. Adopting the habit of sleeping just in the bedroom is very beneficial for Bedroom vastu.
  • If you have a television or computer in your bedroom, do not play them too long. Try not to keep your phone on the bed. Instead, please put it on a bedside table or a chair a few feet away from the bed.
  • Get rid of the habit of ‘checking out your phone before and after going to bed. These simple vastu suggestions for the bedroom will help you sleep much better than previously.
  • If you have a cooler or air conditioner in your bedroom, then first figure out the location of the bedroom with the help of a top vastu consultant. After that, you can find out the ideal place for your appliances. 

Vastu For Bedroom Guidance On The Color And Structure Of Bedroom

vastu for bedroom colours
vastu for bedroom colours

Bedroom vastu guidance also focuses on the material, structure, and colours that should be used in the bedroom and its furnishing. 

  • For the best results, vastu consultants in India recommend using a wooden bed. The same can be said for the furniture.
  • Try giving preference to an open bed compared to a boxed bed. If you have a box bed, you can organise it by removing all the clutter and unnecessary items. The space beneath the bed is ideal for energy channelling. As a result, avoid overcrowding this area with bags and other things.
  • Get a bed with a consistent shape, preferably a rectangular one. Don’t get one with abstract shapes.
  • For the bedroom’s décor, choose calming colours. Make sure, however, that the curtains are blackout and of a dark shade. This combo will help you relax and obtain a good sleep.
  • Also, be very cautious while choosing the direction of your bedroom. A wrong direction can complicate the childbirth process. You may face unwanted abortions and other such issues.

Vastu For Bedroom Conclusion

You will never have trouble at home if you follow the simple bedroom vastu shastra rules. Keeping the above suggestions in mind can go a long way toward creating a pleasant connection among family members. 

We at Panch Vastu provide customized vastu solutions without the reconstruction or renovation of your bedroom.

Our simple and easy vastu remedies provide the necessary impetus to avoid demolitions and fill your place with positivity and prosperity. 

With his extensive 15 years of expertise, Abhishek Bansall, the best vastu consultant, is always glad to assist you. For further information, visit our website

For the latest updates from Panch Vastu, visit our social media handles below.

FAQ's Related To Vastu For Bedroom

Bedrooms can be made in any of the four directions-North, East, South and West. Bedrooms in the North bring good job and career opportunities. Bedrooms in the East provide good social connections. Bedrooms in the South bring you name and fame. Bedrooms in the West give profits and gains.

Yes, a bedroom in the north brings great career and job opportunities. It generates focus on customers and keeps you career oriented.

The direction of the bed is determined by the overall direction of your house. However, it should be placed in a way that the head should be in the south and the feet should be towards the north direction.

The wife can sleep in any direction of her preferences. There are no such prescribed rules for the sleeping position of a wife in vastu shastra. 

According to vastu shastra the following directions are not good for sleeping:

  • East of South East – sleeping in this direction leads to anxiety.
  • West of North West – sleeping in this  direction leads to depression.
  • South of South West – sleeping in this direction leads to health related issues and malnutrition. 

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