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9 Vastu For Factory Tips For A World Class Manufacturing Process

Vastu For Factory
Vastu For Factory

Vastu for factory over the years has seen an unprecedented increase in demand.

Thanks to globalization and a rapidly rising economy, the need to establish industries has never been greater than it is now.

The demand for industrial Vastu has also increased.

The rate of industrialization has been outstanding over the years, from large-scale mega factories to vastu for small factories.

However, not every industry has been booming. While some factories deal with production issues, others continuously deal with labour issues.

This is due to their unwillingness to adopt the principles of Industrial Vastu for factories. 

Here’s an example of the ideal vastu for the factory layout. All of these will be discussed in depth in our blog.

Let’s first understand what a vastu for a factory is.

factory as per vastu

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Table of Contents

What Is Vastu For Factory?

what is vastu for factory
what is vastu for factory

Maintaining product quality has proven problematic for various businesses. Managing the supply chain and raw materials causes issues for others.

This is where manufacturing Vastu may make all the difference. You might be surprised to know that vastu can assist a factory in increasing output and setting international quality standards.

Many firms have attained the Six-sigma benchmark using the traditional vastu shastra for factories.

Using the principles of industrial vastu for factories at the time of construction is enormously advantageous, regardless of the size of the industrial or vastu for factory shed. 

Why Is Vastu For Factory Important?

vastu for factory important
vastu for factory important

Vastu shastra is the science of architecture to design a building by the nature of the elements. The character has five primordial elements: air, water, fire, earth, and space. Most of the objects around us represent one of these in some way.

This is true for buildings of any nature, whether homes, offices, restaurants, or factories.

When the structure and layout of the building are done as per vastu shastra for the factory, it transfers the positive energies of the cosmic world. As a result, it brings greater productivity to your business.

Similarly, random design and structure likely have some underlying vastu defect, which ill affects the vastu.

If the vastu for the factory is auspicious, it helps the unit perform well in terms of production quantity and quality.

It also reduces the occurrence of machinery malfunction and workplace conflict and allows them to get more orders. 

Ultimately, Industrial vastu contributes towards getting more business and thereby more profit.

Tips To Generate Better Productivity With Vastu For Factory

Any factory owner who wishes to ensure their facility is Vastu-compliant must make modifications.

When performing Vastu for factories, there are various factors to consider.

Some are listed below:

Vastu For Factory - Plot And Compound Wall

vastu for factory compound wall
vastu for factory compound wall

The plant plot is the first and most important thing to check for good vastu. This comprises the vastu for factory land and space. In this case, the land’s shape and slope are essential.

The ideal plot design for vastu is square, and if the space is on a slope, make sure the slant is from south to north.

It is critical to notice the inclination since it affects the allocation of both dry and moist zones. It is also necessary to consider the boundary barriers.

For factory vastu, it is essential to have compound walls. 

Placement Of The Vastu For Factory Building In Compound

vastu for factory direction
vastu for factory direction

The position of the factory within the area of the boundary is next on the list of factory vastu.

Primarily, factories are built to provide enough room for a corridor, parking lot, and vehicle passage. 

Ensure that the West and South sides of the compound are not left empty, as they are the most optimistic.

Factories located in the South-West, South-East, and South zones are thought to be perfect for factories, as they provide profit to businesses.

Vastu For Factory - Main Entrance

vastu for factory main entrance
vastu for factory main entrance

The direction of the vastu for the factory entrance is another essential thing to understand. This location is crucial in establishing the overall vastu of the factory.

Always consult a vastu consultant before finalizing the entrance of the factory. However, it is unavoidable for factory units to have multiple entries, so professional advice is necessary.

So, you can make the direct entry prominent and visible. Also, ensure these gates are placed in the directions mentioned above.

Encourage workers and logistics to use the main entrance more frequently.

Vastu For Factory - Office Placement

vastu for factory office placement
vastu for factory office placement

Every factory comprises an administrative office on the campus that oversees paperwork and keeps track of production. Either west or south-west direction is optimal for its placement.

Also, place the owner’s or top-level manager’s workstation to face north or when working.

Vastu For Factory - Storage House

vastu for factory storage
vastu for factory storage

Every factory has a storage facility where raw materials and finished goods are kept until sent from the compound.

Place the raw material storage room in the West, West South West and South West directions.

On the other hand, place the finished goods storage facility in the North West and North North West corners of the manufacturing campus.

This will ensure favourable vastu for the factory by allowing for speedy shipping and increased profitability.

Vastu For Factory - Temple Placement

vastu for factory temple
vastu for factory temple

Some factories have a temple placed inside their factory office. North East zone is the ideal direction for temple placement, according to vastu shastra.

This is Lord Shiva’s zone, and he bestows various blessings on the vastu for the factory.

Avoid crowding the temple by starting the day’s work after offering prayer. Place a lamp in front of it to attract positivity.

Vastu For Factory - Placement Of Heating Equipment

vastu for factory heating equipment
vastu for factory heating equipment

Regardless of the type of manufacturing, every factory either consumes heat for production or produces heat due to production.

As a result, any equipment that can resist high temperatures should be kept in the factory’s South East zone. 

This decreases the negative consequences of vastu for factories by lowering the chances of accidents and machinery breakdown.

Boilers, furnaces, energy meters, generators, transformers, and other items fall into this category.

Vastu For Factory - Toilets And Bathroom Placement

vastu for factory toilet
vastu for factory toilet

In every production building, a toilet complex is an absolute essential. The number of toilets in the factory, as per vastu,  is determined by the size of the factory’s workforce.

According to Industrial Vastu rules, the restroom area must be in East-South-East, West-North-West, or South-South-West. 

The septic tank must be positioned between west and north-west (WNW), east and south-east (ESE), or south and south-west (SSW).

Vastu For Factory - Machinery Placement

vastu for factory machine placement
vastu for factory machine placement

In a factory, machines are both heavy and light. Industrial vastu specialists advise keeping them on the South-East or South edges of the compound, regardless of kind. However, avoid placing it in the North East or North West corners.

Vastu For Factory - Water Structures Placement

vastu for factory water structures
vastu for factory water structures

Water structures are crucial for the vastu of factories. Examples are underground, overhead water tanks, water pumps, bore wells, and other similar devices.

Most of them should be put in the north or North East zone for optimal results. Maintaining the overhead tank in the South West and avoiding the North East is advisable.

Vastu For Factory - Pantry and kitchen Placement

vastu for factory pantry
vastu for factory pantry

The kitchen or pantry at a factory needs to be appropriately positioned for the fire element to be balanced because it depicts the cosmic fire.

According to Vastu, the best directions for the placement of a kitchen are from South East to South.

Avoid using tiles, blue or black paint on the walls, or any tiling in the kitchen. These vastu colours for the factory represent the water element, which opposes the kitchen’s fire element.

Vastu For Factory - Parking Area

vastu for factory parking lot
vastu for factory parking lot

Under industrial Vastu principles, big and light cars should have separate parking areas. Parking for large trucks must be done outside the vastu plants for factory walls.

They must be parked inside only if necessary and only in the South and South West zones. The finest parking locations for scooters and bicycles are towards the north and west.

Even the factory’s North and East zones are possible locations. Avoid parking anywhere in the northeast if possible.

Vastu For Factory - Placement Of Raw Materials And Finished Goods

vastu for factory finished goods placement
vastu for factory finished goods placement

The two most crucial production parts are raw materials and completed goods. It’s critical to pick the right spot for them.

The West area is the ideal location for all the raw resources in the factory. Place the factory’s raw materials in the north or northeast if it contains a lot of liquids.

North West is the ideal direction for the placement of finished items, according to vastu for industries.

The Vayu tattva, or air element, energies are present in the northwest, also known as the Vayavya Koan.

This orientation ensures that a regular flow and movement of the final items is maintained since the quality of the air element is consistent flow.

Do's Of Vastu For Factory

vastu for factory do's to follow
vastu for factory do's to follow

The important do’s of vastu for the factory are as follows:-

1. Pay close attention to the production area’s size and slope.

2. To increase profits for the company, locate the factory in the general compound’s west, south, or southwest zones.

3. Place the factory’s main gate or gates against the east or north wall.

4. Position the administrative office in the factory’s North or East zones.

5. Place the building where raw materials are stored in the East or South-East area. Put the finished goods storage facility in the north, west, or northwest zone.

6. Place a temple in the North Eastern section of the factory.

7. Position the maintenance shed in the compound’s South or South West areas.

8. Decide which area of the factory’s South East will house the heating systems.

9. You can position the toilet area in either a south or west (SSW) or west or north (WNW) direction.

10. Set up the equipment on the compound’s South, South-West, or South-East sides.

Don'ts Of Vastu For Factory

Be careful not to place the vastu for factory machine
Be careful in placing the vastu for factory machine

Make sure to keep in mind the don’ts of vastu for factory listed below:-

1. Avoid leaving the West and South sides of the compound empty, as this is a vastu flaw.

2. Avoid locating the maintenance shop in the compound’s North East or Central areas.

3. Septic tanks and toilet areas should never be located in the northeast. It can contaminate the area’s positive energy.

4. Be careful not to place the vastu for factory machines in the complex’s northeast or northwest corners.

5. When putting the overhead water tanks in the plant, stay away from the northeastern area.

6. Keep debris away from the temple. This may intensify any negative energy present.

7. Avoid leaving trash around the factory area, especially in the northeast region of the property.

8. Avoid storing finished goods and raw materials in the same area.

9. Steer clear of setting up the heating apparatus in unexpected places. This may result in mishaps and equipment failure.

10. Be careful not to park large cars in the area of the compound that faces northeast.

Additional Vastu For Factory Tips

vastu for factory basement's ideal placement location
vastu for factory basement's ideal placement location

Apart from these vastu tips, it would be best if you got a vastu consultant for factory advice on other factors to ensure that your factory has a productive vastu. The following are some of them:

1. Beam location and workstation/machinery placement.

2. The basement’s ideal placement location.

3. The ideal directions for window positioning.

4. Employee workstations should be strategically placed.

5. The stairway’s direction and orientation (clockwise or counterclockwise projection).

6. Appropriate location of additional equipment such as an air conditioner, a cooler, a microphone, and an audio system.

7. The best location for firefighting gear.

8. The kitchen or pantry layout, including the oven’s location.

9. Water station positioning and direction.

10. The administrative area’s location and orientation within the office.

Conclusion - Vastu For Factory

The above blog demonstrates how a detailed understanding of a factory and knowledge and use of vastu for a factory may help it run profitably.

Consult Panch Vastu if you want a complete vastu for the factory from the top vastu consultant.

With his extensive 15 years of expertise, Abhishek Bansall, the best vastu consultant in India, is always glad to assist you.

For further information, visit our website

For all recent updates from Panch Vastu, follow our social media handles listed below.

FAQ's Related To Vastu For Factory

West facing is suitable for industries. It brings higher profits, faster deal closure, and lots of earned money. It also gives happiness to the staff employees and the company’s management, bringing higher productivity and supportive labor.

South facing factories are good, according to vastu shastra. The S3 and S4 entries give productive output in the industry and immense prosperity to the industrialist.

Creme, off-white and beige colors are generally suitable for industries, according to vastu shastra. But a balance of 5 elements is required for bringing growth and prosperity to the industry.

In a factory, all areas require vastu. The vastu of the management office is essential to generate profits and making beneficial decisions for the company. Also, to bring more sales, manage working capital, and run other financial and promotional activities of the industry products. Secondly, the vastu for the manufacturing unit is required to smoothen the manufacturing process. for productive output, supportive labor, staff, and machinery’s smooth working, the vastu is also vital.

The color of the main gate depends on the direction of the situation of the main gate. For example, if the main gate is situated north, it can be painted blue. If the gate is in the east, it can be painted green. If the gate is in the south, it can be painted red; if the gate is in the west, it can be painted white or metallic grey.

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