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Vastu Consultant Online: Get Accurate Online Vastu Solutions

vastu consultant online
Vastu consultant online

Vastu consultant online is a service you can get in today’s world. Have you ever considered how beneficial it is to get online vastu consultant advice for your house and office? Although it may appear to be an extensive concept, online vastu consultant for home service is a sure thing.

Let’s look at how an online vastu consultant can provide the most excellent Vastu service for your property and business. Without requiring you to leave the comfort of your home. Let’s first understand what an online vastu consultant service is.

Vastu as per home

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What Is An Online Vastu Consultancy?

best vastu consultant online
Abhishsek Bansall vastu consultant online giving consultations

Vastu consultant online is feasible for people living abroad or in different states. But some recent pandemic scenarios have made it a thing for all.

Our Vastu expert will communicate with you via various online networks to share plans. And provide valuable suggestions for this kind of consultancy.

Online consultation is also time and money-saving. You can get all the answers to your problems at home by meeting Vastu guru personally through online video calls.

They apply their vastu shastra principles knowledge to ensure that your residential and commercial properties radiate positive energy.

A Vastu specialist must traditionally visit the place in-person to perform numerous steps to make meaningful Vastu deductions.

However, it is not required in today’s modern period. Online Vastu Consultancy is an alternative to in-person Vastu Consultancy.

It is carried out entirely through email, Google maps, and other online resources. 

Is Vastu Consultant Online as Accurate as Vastu Consultant in Person?

vastu consultant online near me
Vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall providing offline consultations in his office

We’ve discovered that online vastu consultation is now a convenient method of getting a consultation. But the central question remains unanswered: “Is it as effective as Vastu consultation in person?”

Let’s look at an example from everyday life to grasp this better. Until about a decade ago, getting any treatment entailed physically going to the doctor’s office and waiting for their turn for a one-on-one appointment.

The patient must next undergo all of the doctor’s tests. And could you discuss the results with the doctor, who will prescribe appropriate medications?

But you can only do something if there are reputable doctors in your area. You’ll have no choice but to seek advice from a mediocre person whose expertise may be better, right?

With the advent of technology and online vastu consultant near me, many doctors provide online consultations. You can quickly contact them and let them know about your situation. They will assist you in resolving your health issues using their experience.

Similarly, the best vastu shastra consultant services in person are the same as online Vastu consultancy. Modern technology has become people’s best friend in this tech-driven environment.

You only need to go to some locations to complete a task. Technology has the potential to make things a lot easier.

Though face-to-face vastu consultation has advantages, since the Vastu specialist creates the Vastu grids without error, online Vastu consultation is also entirely accurate.

Who Can Get Vastu Consultation Online?

get vastu consultation online
best vastu consultation online near me

There are no universal rules on who should or shouldn’t seek online Vastu advice. Anyone can request a vastu service online.

Both residential and business properties can receive immense benefits from Vastu. Furthermore, online Vastu is beneficial for both new and current properties.

Suppose your property’s floor plan has yet to be officially approved. You can still have it altered to make it Vastu compatible with the help of professionals.

With the help of an online Vastu consultant. You can get the desired outcome for all your issues from your computer’s screen. 

The scope of an online vastu service is virtually endless. Not only may inhabitants from all around India benefit from it. But people from all over the world can also consider it their property.

However, there may be better options than online Vastu for you in some cases. Some folks choose to use an online Vastu service. Let’s look at why.

As a general guideline, you can try to get an onsite Vastu service if you can find an expert vastu consultant in Delhi.

Suppose there is no experienced Vastu consultant that meets your needs in your city. You may receive an Online Vastu consultation.

If no notable names come up when you search for the “vastu consultant near me“,. You can consider using “Vastu Consultant online“.

How Accurate is Online Vastu Consultation Without a Site Visit?

online vastu consultant
Online vastu consultant in his office studying building map

Obtaining an Online Vastu consultation is simple to understand and completely hassle-free. To get the same, you will need to complete the instructions below.

Could you share your Vastu details and make a payment? If you’ve decided to obtain an online vastu consultation. Please fill out the form given on our website, get the desired quotation and make payment.

You should share the following information with our Vastu consultant:

  1. The property scaled floor plan.
  2. The property’s exact location. 
  3. The client’s date of birth.
  4. Interiors of the property in a short movie or photographs (for getting furnishing details and colour usage).
  5. If there is a specific requirement, describe it (for instance seeking remedy for domestic conflict, financial crisis, persistent illness, etc.)

Wait for the online vastu expert to complete evaluating the vastu property map; concluding takes 3-7 working days, depending on the problem’s magnitude and the property’s size. All the data is calibrated by an expert utilising high-tech software and human knowledge.

Please look over the Vastu report and implement the recommended remedies. The expert online vastu consultant will provide a thorough Vastu report for the property, including all pertinent information.

At Panch Vastu, we use 16 techniques of ancient science to remove the vastu faults from your life. And provide you with prosperous and healthy living.

We at Panch Vastu strongly urge our clients to keep in touch with us. Even after their online Vastu consultation is completed.

We take regular follow-ups of consultation and feedback on positive results that our clients have experienced after implementing remedies and suggestions. 

We also provide free vastu tips on our social media accounts, like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, to offer solutions to all your worries. 

And eager to build a community of people who promote ancient Vedic sciences like vastu shastra. To improve living standards and experience health, happiness, success, and prosperity.

What Services Come Under Online Vastu Consultancy?

vastu for house and vastu for factory
vastu for house and vastu for factory

Any vastu property can be evaluated for vastu consultation online. Even though there is no structure in the Vastu plot, you can still have Vastu done by a professional. People from all over the world can seek the same.

Under the umbrella of Online Vastu consultation, the following services can be obtained in general:

  • For office space and complexes, Vastu planning is essential.
  • Vastu for malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, government offices, showrooms, and multistory buildings for builders. 
  • Vastu for a used house, office or home office.
  • Property site selection using Vastu.
  • Vastu’s advice for laying out a scaled layout floor plan.
  • Interior standards as per Vastu.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Vastu Consultation Online?

vastu consultant online abhishek bansall taking consultation on whatsapp
vastu consultant online abhishek bansall taking consultation on whatsapp

Vastu consultation online is gaining momentum in India and even internationally. It is more cost-effective; persons on a restricted budget may need help to obtain an advanced onsite Vastu bundle.

As a result, people should consider using an online Vastu service, which provides accessible and tailored service to its consumers.

It saves time- onsite Vastu consultations necessitate finding a convenient free period for both the Vastu consultant and the customer.

This problem, however, can be rapidly rectified with the help of an online Vastu service. It is exact and accurate- because of modern software, you may be sure of its precision and accuracy.

Online vastu does not necessitate demolition. The treatments suggested by an online vastu consultant do not necessitate structural changes to your home.

Panch Vastu focuses on providing simple and effective vastu solutions. It provides comprehensive support- if you require any more assistance or information.

Our vastu consultant is always available to help you out. And you can obtain all of these benefits from the convenience of your own home.

What Things Are Included In The Vastu Report Of Online Vastu Consultancy?

vastu consultant online report
vastu consultant online report

When you choose Panch Vastu for online vastu consultancy, you will receive a detailed report detailing all of the significant aspects of the property in terms of Vastu.

Let’s have a look at some of the details it includes:

  • A scaled layout floor design with geographic direction orientations, focusing on the primary entry zone.
  • Vastu treatment using colours.
  • Chart of zonal strength (for determining the strength of directions).
  • Vastu-compliant interior furnishing (for bed, sofa, oven, kitchen burner/stove primary electronic devices, etc.).
  • Vastu remedies are simple to use and efficient.
  • Calculations and suggestions based on astrology or numerology.
  • Indoor plants and other Vastu items should be placed in strategic locations.


Online vastu consultancy is getting popular daily, saving both your time and money.

Therefore, it is convenient and less hectic. It provides all the answers to your worries and concerns just in the comfort of your home.

With his extensive 15 years of expertise, Abhishek Bansall, the best vastu consultant, is always glad to assist you.

He provides notable vastu consultations in countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Dubai, Spain, France, and many more.

Follow our social media handles below for all recent updates from panch vastu. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Vastu Consultant Online

A vastu consultant is a person who analyzes the building maps before and after construction of a building. To balance the five elements in the building, activities and objects with the age old principles of vastu. So that the purpose of the building can be fulfilled easily.

Online vastu consultation is as effective as visiting the vastu consultant in person. Online vastu consultation saves both time and money. It is more convenient and provides all the solutions to you just at the comfort of your home.

For an online vastu consultation, you require the following things:

  • Building Map
  • Internet Connection
  • Degree of the facing of the building direction
  • Google Location

Yes, you can avail online vastu consultancy sitting anywhere in the world. Just make sure you have the required things before you.

Online vastu consultation works  as effectively as a site visit vastu. The vastu consultant refers to the scale 2D map of your building. And photos and videos of your exterior, interior and surroundings of your building and the exact direction of your building. After this a proper analysis report is prepared with essential suggestions, which the vastu consultant provides you via email.

Yes, online vastu consultation is for everybody. No matter in which part of the world you are, you can easily get online vastu consultation. You can get vastu consultancy in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Dubai, Spain, France, and many other countries.

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