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South Facing House Vastu Top 8 Tips Exclusively For You

south facing house vastu
south facing house vastu

South facing house vastu shastra plays an important role when buying a new house. In the Indian subcontinent, this authentic Vedic knowledge determines the right direction for your home so that you can live a peaceful life.

Buying a South facing house is a huge task. You consider factors such as land, money value, and area. The direction of the house is critical in considering all these factors. And this is where vastu helps you. 

This blog discusses the south facing house vastu and the vastu tips that will help you gain profit and happiness. Though there are many myths associated with south-facing houses, people consider south-facing homes not suitable for them. 

This blog tries to eliminate all the misconceptions and myths associated with the south facing house plans. 

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Table of Contents

What Is A South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu entrances
south facing house vastu entrances

The direction in which the main entrance is located determines the house’s facing. It is the direction you face while stepping out of the main entrance of your home. Therefore, if you face south while stepping out of your main entrance, your house is considered a south-facing house.

The most critical thing to consider in a south-facing property is the location of the main entrance. Because it is from the main entrance that the positive cosmic energy enters your house, this energy plays a vital role in the inhabitants’ lives. 

So, the first step is to identify your house’s orientation to comply with the south facing house vastu remedies. You have to keep the following things in mind while considering south facing houses these are-

  • Your main entrance
  • Location of your rooms
  • Placement of objects inside the house
  • Elemental balance in your living space 

These things are necessary to ensure a perfect vastu for your home, which will bring you success, growth, and happiness.

How To Find If You Have A South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu living room
south facing house vastu living room

Finding your house’s exact facing is essential, as a difference of 2-3 degrees can adversely affect your life. This will lead to incorrect vastu and hinder finding the root cause of your problem.

You must be wondering if this is a complex task. Well, it’s not. You can quickly determine whether your house is south facing by following the steps below.

1. To begin the process, stand outside your house’s main entrance. You have to stand so that your back is parallel to your home.

2. Now, take the compass in your hand. There are specific critical points that you have to remember:

  • Remove all the magnetic objects around the compass.
  • Remove jewellery on your hands if you are wearing any.
  • Hold the compass at your waist level.
  • Take 3-4 readings inside and outside your house for accurate direction. The one you get the maximum number of times will be your precise direction. 
  1. After holding the compass flat in your palms, let the compass needle float freely until the zero-degree mark, and the north end of the hand are aligned.
  2. After confirming the magnetic north, note down the direction you are facing.
  3. The direction you are facing is the accurate direction of your house.

Through this process, you can determine if your house is west facing.

Who Is Suitable For A South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu for industrialists
south facing house vastu for industrialists

Some people often consider that the south-facing house is not suitable for them, though it’s not entirely true. Before purchasing a home or a piece of land, it is essential to evaluate it as per vastu shastra. The south facing house vastu colours also determines your decision.

The planet Mars governs the south direction. This direction is related to fame and popularity and is ideal for people associated with the showbiz industry. This direction represents the fire element, perfect for people offering protection and security. 

To elaborate, people who are suitable to have a south-facing house are-

  • Judiciary services
  • Police and lawyers
  • IAS/IPS personals
  • Military and paramilitary forces
  • Security and bodyguard services
  • Factory owners
  • Manufacturing business owners
  • Actors 
  • Musicians
  • Entertainment industry personals
  • Property dealers
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons

After reading this, you may get confused as most families in India live in joint families, and each member has a different profession. In such cases, the work of the head of the family or the main earning person of the family residing on the property is considered. 

For a more precise understanding, it is best to consult a vastu consultant who can provide helpful insights into East-facing house vastu. 

What To Do If You Have Main Entrance In South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu main entrance
south facing house vastu main entrance

The main door is vastu for south facing house, considering the overall vastu for your home. In the south direction, there are 8 Padas. Each of the Pada’s has its specific importance and specifications.

In the south-facing house, the padas responsible for the ideal main entrance are Pusha, Vitatha, and Grihakshat. These padas bring health, wealth, and prosperity.

Apart from these three padas, all the other padas are considered inauspicious for the south-facing house.

If your main entrance lies in the remaining padas, it can lead to serious health issues among the family members. 

For the correct placement of your main entrance in the south-facing house, it is better to consult a top vastu consultant with house plan drawing and build your entrance door accordingly.

What To Do If You Have A Bedroom In The South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu bedroom
south facing house vastu bedroom

The ideal master bedroom placement for a south facing house vastu plans is in the Southwest or North sides. Keep the headboard of the beds aligned in the south direction, as it promotes better sleep, according to vastu shastra. You can also place your living room in the South, south west and west zones.

What To Do If You Have A Kitchen In The South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu kitchen
south facing house vastu kitchen

Kitchen placement is critical in every home. However, the South East is believed to be the ideal direction for kitchen placement. The kitchen placement varies according to the zone. In a South-facing area, you can place your kitchen in the South East direction. Ensure the perfect balance of all the five elements, especially fire and water, as it brings good health and prosperity. 

What To Do If You Have A Bathroom In The South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu bathroom
south facing house vastu bathroom

Having a bathroom in the North West direction for the South Facing property proves fruitful. Avoid underground water resources in the South, South East, and South West zones. Also, keep in mind the position of the septic tank—the best suitable location is in the South-South West zone. Toilet vastu for South facing houses is also crucial. Consider a vastu consultant for that also.

What Are The Do's Of A South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu pooja room
south facing house vastu pooja room

1. For a south facing house, place the main door in the third or fourth pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat.

2. Position the bedroom toward the north or east.

3. Ensure that the plot slope is oriented from the South to the north (if the plot is inclined).

4. Place the kitchen in the South-East corner. If it’s not available, then in the North-West zone.

5. For South facing house vastu plan with a pooja room, place the puja room in the North-East corner of the house.

6. You can design a garden, but only on the South East or south side of the house.

7. Only place the stairwell facing south, west, or South West.

8. Make sure the southern walls are higher and thicker than the northern walls.

9. Locate the septic tank in the West of North West (WNW) or South of South West (SSW).

10. Carefully choose the vastu colours for South facing house. For the exterior, it’s best to go with pink and orange.

11. Sunlight is the source of Vitamin D, so open the windows in the morning to bring positive energy into the house.

What Are The Don'ts Of A South Facing House Vastu?

south facing house vastu don'ts
south facing house vastu don'ts

1. Avoid the South West zone if you’re looking for a primary entrance.

2. Black, blue, or grey paint on the house’s exterior attracts negative energy.

3. Any underground water reservoir in the front of a south-facing plot should be avoided.

4. Avoid placing a kitchen in the southwest corner.

5. Make sure there are no crossroads or T-junctions in front of a plot with a southern orientation.

6. In a south-facing home, avoid placing mirrors at random.

7. A garden should not be placed in the southwest corner.

8. Don’t build the parking lot in a south direction.

Conclusion South Facing House Vastu

The information above shows that the South-facing house can be auspicious for most of you. But you have to follow the desired vastu guidelines for that to happen.

To get the best vastu advice from a trusted consultant, contact Panch Vastu.

Our vastu consultant, Abhishek Bansall, has extensive experience of more than 15 years and expertise to fill your life with happiness and prosperity.

For further information, Visit our website and book your appointment today.

FAQ's Related To South Facing House Vastu

The exact south facing main door entrance is not good according to vastu shastra. The ideal main door entrances for a south facing houses are – 


  • S4: Main door in this entrance gives productivity and gives more childbirth.
  • S3: Main door in this entrance gives exponential growth in business.


However, try to avoid the S5 entrance as it can lead to negative effects such as increased debt, and gives Blocked mind. Due to which the resident faces loss of social connections and respect in the society.

The disadvantages of a south facing house lies on its main entrance. The S5 and all the entrances on its right side are negative entrances. These entrances lead to severe poverty, disconnects residents from the rest of the world and you may witness no results in whatever work you do.

Well, it’s a technical issue, as you may be requiring a vastu consultation to find out what kind of vastu dosh your south facing house may be having. But in general, you can paint your house exterior in red, pink or orange colour. 

It’s a myth that south facing houses are not good. On the other hand, they can prove to be extremely fruitful for you and your business. As stated above the  S4 entrance gives productivity and is positive in childbirth. The S3 entrance is extremely good for all the big businessmen and industrialists as it provides exponential growth in business. 

If in a person’s horoscope fourth house, there is Capricorn rashi, then a south facing house is extremely beneficial for that person. 

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