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North Facing House Vastu: Know All New Significance, Tips And Vastu Plan

north facing house vastu
best north facing house vastu

The north-facing house vastu is the most auspicious one according to vastu shastra, as lord Kuber resides in this direction.

He is the god of wealth and can create such opportunities for you. If you have a north-facing home, then it can bring innumerable wealth and prosperity.

The most common house orientation you will find around yourself is the north-facing house vastu. Though you need to consider a vastu consultant, every direction has pros and cons.

A detailed vastu analysis will ensure that the home you choose brings you immense success, goodwill and happiness.

Now let’s understand the north-facing house vastu in detail. 

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Table of Contents

What Is A North Facing House Vastu?

north facing house vastu entrance
north facing house vastu entrance

The direction in which the main entrance is located determines the house’s facing. It is the direction you face while stepping out of the main entrance of your home.

Therefore, your house is considered north-facing if you face north while stepping out of your main entrance.

The most crucial thing to consider in a north-facing house vastu is the location of the main entrance. Because it is from the main entrance that the positive cosmic energy enters your house, this energy plays a vital role in the inhabitants’ lives. 

So, the first step is to identify the orientation of your house to make it compliant with the north-facing house vastu, good or bad.

You have to keep the following things in mind while considering a north-facing house these are-

  • Your main entrance
  • Location of your rooms
  • Placement of objects inside the house
  • Elemental balance in your living space 

These things are necessary to ensure a perfect vastu for home, bringing you success, growth, and happiness.

How To Find If You Have A North Facing House Vastu?

north facing house vastu
north facing house vastu

Finding your house’s exact facing is essential, as a difference of 2-3 degrees can adversely affect your life. This will lead to incorrect vastu and hinder finding the root cause of your problem.

You must be wondering if this is a complex task. Well, it’s not. You can quickly determine whether your house is north-facing by following the steps below.

1. To begin the process, stand outside your house’s main entrance. You have to stand so that your back is parallel to your home.

2. Now, take the compass in your hand. There are specific critical points that you have to remember: 

  • Remove all the magnetic objects around the compass.
  • Remove jewellery on your hands if you are wearing any.
  • Hold the compass at your waist level.
  • Take 3-4 readings inside and outside your house for accurate direction. The one you get the maximum number of times will be your precise direction.

3. After holding the compass flat in your palms, let the compass needle float freely until the zero-degree mark and the north end of the needle is aligned. 

4. After confirming the magnetic north, note down the direction you are facing.

5. The direction you are facing is the accurate direction of your house. 

Through this process, you can find out if your house is north-facing.

Also, if you have a three bhk north-facing house plan as per vastu, addressed in this blog.

Is A North Facing House Vastu Good According To Vastu?

north facing house vastu living room
north facing house vastu living room

According to vastu shastra, the north-facing houses are the best ones. The occupants of the north-facing property are endowed with gains, profit, growth, fulfilment, and happiness. To achieve all these in your north-facing house, you need to consider some vastu tips we will discuss in this blog. 

Who Is Suitable For A North Facing House Vastu?

north facing house vastu for businessman
north facing house vastu for businessman

Many factors determine an individual’s suitability to reside in a North-facing house. The essential elements that play a significant role in this are the profession and astrology of an individual.

The north direction is associated with the planet Mercury, which is considered apt for people interested in printing and publishing. 

To elaborate, people who are suitable to have a North-facing house are-

  • Businessman
  • Accountants or chartered accountants
  • Bankers
  • Investors
  • Stock market traders and brokers
  • Communication and e-service providers
  • Astrology services
  • Vastu services
  • Hotels and hospitality sectors

After reading this, there might be one thing you are confused about. Most families in India live in joint families, and each member has a different profession.

In such cases, the profession of the head of the family or the main earning person of the family residing on the property is considered. 

For a more precise understanding, it is best to consult a vastu consultant who can provide helpful insights into North-facing house vastu.

What To Do If You Have Main Entrance In North Facing House Vastu?

north facing house vastu main entrance
north facing house vastu main entrance

A north entrance is considered very auspicious, as per vastu. But for north facing one, you must keep certain things in mind. A northwest main entrance can bring severe lousy luck for you.

In the north-facing house, there are 8 Padas. Each of the padas has its significance and importance. 


For the north-facing house, the fifth pada (soma) is considered auspicious for the main entrance. It is the house of lord Kuber. The 3, 4, and 8 padas are also suitable for placing the main entrance.

What To Do If You Have A Pooja Room In The North Facing House Vastu?

pooja room for north facing house vastu
pooja room for north facing house vastu

The pooja room holds particular importance in our houses, and its placement should be done carefully. The west direction is considered optimum for pooja room placement.

If you place your temple in the west direction, the idols should face the east zone. In addition to the west direction, the northeast and east direction are also considered suitable for the placement of the pooja room.

What To Do If You Have A Staircase In The North Facing House Vastu?

north facing house vastu staircase
north facing house vastu staircase

After the pooja room comes the staircase in the house. Stairs in the north direction are unsuitable for staircases; they can cause hindrances in financial gains.

A staircase in the northeast direction can cause neurological issues. The appropriate directions for staircases, according to vastu, are south, west, south-east, southwest, and northwest.

The staircases can be made in the southwest or the west zone in a counter-clockwise direction. 

What To Do If You Have A Kitchen In The North Facing House Vastu?

north facing house vastu kitchen
north facing house vastu kitchen

A kitchen vastu for north-facing houses should never be placed in the north-east direction. Doing this can have severe negative impacts on your life. It can cause neurological, family, legal, and financial issues.

The ideal directions for kitchen placement in the north-facing houses are southeast, northwest, and south. After the pooja room, the kitchen is considered a holy place in a home. Therefore, its placements should be correct and vastu compliant.

If the kitchen placement is not according to vastu shastra, it can adversely affect your life. 

What To Do If You Have A Bathroom In The North Facing House Vastu?

north facing house vastu bathroom
north facing house vastu bathroom

Bathrooms accumulate negative energies in your house. It needs to be appropriately balanced. In a north-facing home, avoid the construction of a bathroom. Doing so will disrupt the water element, leading to kidney damage for the occupants.

In addition, a bathroom or toilet vastu for north-facing houses can also cause financial issues. For the construction of a bathroom and septic tank in the north-facing place, the optimum directions are south-south-west, west-north-west, and east-south-east. 

What Are The Do's Of A North Facing House Vastu?

best north facing house vastu
best north facing house vastu

1. Place the main door in the third, fourth, and eighth padas for best results.

2. If you’re aiming for spiritual enlightenment, the 5th pada is incredibly beneficial.

3. The water storage tanks should be in the north, northeast, east, or west.

4. When building the house plans as per vastu, leave some space on the north and northeast sides.

5. Reduce the height of the boundary walls in the north and east directions compared to the others.

6. If the plot is inclined, ensure that the slope is slanted north or east.

7. Direct bathrooms or septic tanks to the south or northwest.

8. Position the kitchen toward the southeast or northwest.

9. Place the pooja room in the north, east, or west zones.

10. Place a money plant on the north side of the house to attract positive energy.

11. Position the main bedroom to the east, west, or south zones.

12. Place the stairwell to the south or southwest. For further information, consult a vastu professional.

13. In a north-facing home, the staircase should be positioned in the south or west.

14. To balance the energy distribution throughout the house, place the electric circuit board in the southeast zone.

15. Consider placing vastu artefacts, holy symbols such as om, swastika, paintings, and other items throughout the house in the correct orientation. 

What are the Don'ts of a North Facing house Vastu?

north facing house vastu drawing room
north facing house vastu drawing room

1. If you’re looking for a primary entrance, stay away from the northwest.

2. Make sure the wastewater outflow is not facing south or north.

3. As already said, avoid all other padas for primary entrances.

4. The sixth pada should be avoided at all costs, as it has the potential to create serious health problems.

5. For a north-facing house vastu, avoid using red, yellow, or maroon colours.

6. Avoid putting the stairwell in the north or northeast direction.

7. Avoid placing the kitchen in the northeast or north direction.

8. Avoid planting a garden or greenery in the northwest direction.

9. If the plot is inclined, ensure it isn’t slanted west or south.

10. Don’t put an underground tank in the northwest.

11. Avoid placing the bedroom on the plot’s northeast corner.

12. Make sure there are no impediments in the front of the house. Objects such as trees, poles, and installations are included.

13. Avoid putting the toilet or septic tank in the direction of the north, northeast, or east.

14. Avoid placing mirrors on the plot’s south or southeast edges.

North Facing House Vastu Conclusion

From the above information, it is clear that the north-facing house is pretty apt for financial gains and prosperity.

To ensure your home is perfect, contact our vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall for a complete vastu analysis.

He is the best vastu consultant in India and provides vastu advice related to home, office and factory issues. 

For further information, visit our website

For more exciting updates from Panch Vastu, visit our social media pages below.


FAQ's Related To North Facing House Vastu

Yes, a north facing house vastu is good for you. It brings new money earning opportunities for the residents. The residents more religious and focused on their health and fitness.

There are 8 entrances in the north direction as per vastu shastra. The entrances on the Devta pad of Mukhya and Bhallat are the best direction for entrances in north facing house. These entrances brings lots of earned money and inherited money, increases more male progeny. To find these padas in your house, stand in the centre of the north direction. On the left of the north direction are these entrances. On the right are the entrances which brings poor health, excessive religious bent of mind, girls  defy family traditions, and fanatic behaviour.

No, north facing  house are not expensive as compared to other facing houses. A North facing house is easily available and comes under your desired budget. 

According to vastu shastra, both the facings are good. But if we compare north facing house are more suitable for traders, doctors, healers councilors and professionals. On the other hand, south facing houses are more suitable for industrialists, top politicians, ministers, factory owners, high grade police officials etc.

According to vastu shastra, the direction of Kuber  is north. When placing it in your home, always remember to place the Kuber statue on a table facing the center of the building. 

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